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Who Am I?

I am a counselling professional holding a Master's degree in Psychology from the University of Western Ontario. I offer non-judgemental, goal oriented services using a problem~solving, skills based, and harm reduction perspective. I specialize in understanding issues from a power and control perspective founded on feminist and substantive equity principles.

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What Do I Do?

I will work with you to gain insight into thoughts and behaviours that confuse you or disrupt happy living.

  • offer counselling to people of any gender and orientation who are questioning their (sexual) identity or have concerns with their fantasies and desires
  • provide coaching to establish and maintain relationships that include power exchange, BDSM practices, fetish, Leather Play, or other alternative sexual expression and lifestyle choices
  • guide resolution of co-dependency and trauma issues manifesting as addiction-like behaviours that are interfering with your sense of balance, sexual choices, self-esteem, or personal safety
  • facilitate workshops focused on recognizing needs, improving communication skills to negotiate and enforce realistic limits, and exploring issues in consensuality and BDSM culture
  • consult with participants in the sex industry about juggling work and private life, prioritizing sexual health and safety, and preserving relationship boundaries
  • advocate for the service requirements of alternative sexual communities, managing sensitive interactions, and workplace practices for inclusiveness and anti-harassment

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Why Do Clients Choose Me?

I work with a wide variety of people, but most are those who possess a genuine desire to:

  • seek new interpretations and approaches to Leather Play
  • transform emotionally negative or uncomfortable fantasy scenarios into positive, rewarding and self-affirming experiences
  • incorporate your desires successfully and happily into your relationships

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Engage in new ways by utilizing vital strategic processing skills:

  • Reframing ...
  • Alternatives ...
  • Empowerment ...
  • Spirituality ...
  • Actualization ...

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